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Mercury Batteries
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"World War II brought great demands on the battery industry. Miniature batteries were needed to provide power in small devices including watches for the military. Samuel Ruben (an independent inventor) developed the zinc-mercuric oxide alkaline battery, licensed to the P.R. Mallory Co. (later Duracell, International). This battery gave five to eight times the service of a similar sized Leclanche battery. The cell was made in sizes as large as a "D" cell and yields a very reliable 1.35 volts on load rather than the constantly declining voltage of batteries with manganese-dioxide cathodes. Very few of these cells are produced now because of the manufacturing and disposal problems introduced by the presence of mercury or mercuric oxide. A modern "button" (or "coin") cell version is shown here."
"A non-rechargeable electrochemical battery, a primary cell. Due to the content of mercury, and the resulting environmental concerns, the sale of mercury batteries is banned in many countries."-Wikipedia

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