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The purpose of this page is to allow redirection to all the sites about batteries without having to go to the home page.An electric cell that converts chemical energy into electricity, is what is commonly known  as a battery. According to encarta “a battery consists of two or more cells connected in a series. All cells consist of a liquid, paste, or solid electrolyte and a positive electrode, and of course a negative electrode. The electrolyte is an ionic conductor; one of the electrodes will react, producing electrons, while the other will accept electrons. When the electrodes are connected to a device to be powered, called a load, an electrical current flows.”

Batteries that cannot be replenished to their original chemical form once the energy the battery contains has been used are called primary cells or voltaic cells. Batteries which have chemicals that can be replenished after being discharged are known as secondary cells, rechargeable cells, storage cells, and sometimes accumulators.


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